Montgomery County Va. Family Lawyer

Custody, Visitation, and Adoption

Do you need to consult with an attorney in regard to child custody, visitation, or adoption? Then call The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson now at: 540-961-5297 (LAWS).

Joel Jackson handles matters of custody, visitation, and adoption in the counties of Montgomery, Floyd, Giles, Pulaski, Wythe, and the City of Radford, and also in the greater areas of Southwest Virginia.

The issues of child custody, visitation, and adoption can become complicated matters. As changes happen in your life, you may feel that your relationship with your child is at risk. Joel Jackson brings experience and intelligence in resolving issues related to custody, visitation, and adoption.

In a custody or visitation hearing, the role of the court is to determine the “best interests” of the child. We strongly believe that no court can determine the best interests of a child as effectively as the child’s own parents. However, there are circumstances that may only be resolved by the court system. Our first step is always to take you and your child’s personal information into account. Then, Joel Jackson will explore all options to retrieve evidence and to prepare for trial. In many cases, Joel Jackson uses a private investigator to discover hard-to-find evidence.

High-Conflict Custody Cases

Custody lawyer Joel Jackson excels at litigating cases in family court. Joel Jackson is an experienced Montgomery County Va. Family Lawyer.He can work with you to present issues to the court from neglect of children to issues of psychological evaluations or substance abuse. When necessary, Joel Jackson can find a hired expert that can effectively evaluate your child’s needs, and when necessary, Joel can effectively cross-examine them. Joel is comfortable analyzing the testimony of hired experts and bringing the focus of the case around to the best interests of the child.

Show Cause and Contempt of Court Cases

In many situations, it may be necessary to go back to court in order to enforce a prior court order. You may feel that a person or persons are violation a current or past custody or visitation order. Do not delay in bringing to the court’s attention a violation of court order. A violation of a court’s custody or visitation order may seriously harm your child. Call Joel Jackson now to discuss a violation of a court order at: 540-961-5297 (LAWS).

Grandparent Rights Custody Attorney

For a grandchild, grandparents are a great source of joy, stability, and resource. However, all to often, grandparents have to fight for their rights to both visitation and custody. Joel Jackson can both negotiate and litigate issues of grandparent visitation or custody. If you are a grandparent and you need questions answered in regard to grandparent rights call Joel Jackson now to set up a consultation at: 540-961-5297 (LAWS).


We represent custodial parents and potential parents in adoptions both when the biological parent consents to an adoption, and when a hearing is necessary to terminate those rights if the biological parent does not consent. The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson has experience in navigating our clients through the courts systems of the Juvenile Domestic Court and the Circuit Court in matters of adoption. If you feel that it is now time to explore an adoption call Joel Jackson now at: 540-961-5297 (LAWS).