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Civil Law

Joel S. Jackson, Accident and Serious Injury Lawyer:

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Justice is an essential human value. Call Now: 540-961-5297 (LAWS)

Justice is an essential human value. Call Now: 540-961-5297 (LAWS)

Have you or a family member been involved in an accident or suffered a serious injury because of an accident or because of the actions of another person? Have you been unable to recover proper and rightful compensation for your injuries and losses? Would you like to have an attorney answer some of your questions concerning your accident? You need the services of an attorney who can review the details of your situation and fight to recover for you the funds needed to pay your bills and compensate for your suffering. Call now The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson so you begin the process of recovery. Call now 540-961-5297 (LAWS). Why worry about your situation any longer? One phone call can start you on the road to a rightful and just legal settlement.

Automobile, Truck or Motorcycle Accidents:

Automobile, truck or motorcycle accidents that are caused by drunk drivers, hit and run drivers, uninsured or underinsured drivers, or defective designs in tires, gas tanks, seatbelts or other equipment are often not properly compensated by insurance companies. Your settlement, if there is one, leaves you with unpaid bills, lingering medical problems, lost wages, and significant emotional distress. The best plan of action is to immediately contact an attorney who will come to your aid with aggressive legal remedies. Joel S. Jackson will talk to you about those remedies and help you decide if a lawsuit is the best way to proceed.

Landlord, Tenant and Contract Disputes:

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, contracts are essential in the renting or leasing of all apartments, houses, condominiums, or other living spaces. If you are in dispute with a tenant, or if you, as a tenant, are in dispute with a landlord, the services of a good contract attorney can help bring appropriate resolution. Issues such as failure to pay rent, failure to compensate for damages to property, failure to refund deposits, or failure to provide agreed upon services and repairs need to be dealt with professionally so that your rights are adequately addressed. Joel S. Jackson is familiar with the rental and housing scene in Blacksburg and can professionally represent tenants or landlords in the disputes that arise from their respective situations.

The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson can also represent you in other types of contract disputes. Contacts for services, employment, loans, and other types of legal agreements are best interpreted and resolved by a professional legal counselor. Call The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson, PC today.

Insurance Disputes:

Insurance companies are often more interested in saving money than in giving you what your claim deserves. Joel S. Jackson can review your insurance settlement to see if you are receiving fair and proper consideration for your losses. If you are being unfairly treated, we are here to help.