Student Public Intoxication Charge

Public Intoxication Va. Code § 18.2-388 and Underage Possession of Alcohol charges frequently occur near the campuses of Virginia Tech and Radford University. DO NOT PREPAY YOUR PUBLIC INTOXICATION TICKET! As a result of pre-paying a fine for public intoxication, you will have a GUILTY CONVICTION AND A CRIMINAL RECORD that will not be eligible for expungement!. This is extremely important for international students. Call Joel today at 540-961-5297 to explore your options. Joel regularly works with clients to help dismiss these charges. Joel’s assistance often results in the client being eligible for expungement.

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Consequenses Of A Criminal Record

Have you considered how a criminal record may affect your future employment or academic opportunities? Expungement is the civil process of sealing or removing criminal records from public view. In Virginia, the final disposition of a criminal charge determines whether a circuit court judge can order the Virginia Department of State Police to expunge your criminal charge from its database. In order to peruse an expungement, you must qualify for it. Basically, to qualify to have your criminal charge expunged, the criminal charge must have been previously dismissed without you having plead guilty or no contest, and without a judge making a finding on the dispositional order of “evidence sufficient for guilt”, or you having stipulated to the judge that in your case there “existed evidence sufficient for guilt”. Determining whether your charge qualifies for an expungement is sometimes complex. Joel can review your criminal charge and its disposition to determine if you would be successful in pursuing an expungement. In many cases, you may have entered into a first-time offender program on a plea of not guilty for charges such as underage possession of alcohol, public intoxication, or possession of fraudulent identification. In these cases, a person will usually qualify for an expungement.

Can You Expunge An Alcohol Charge?

Expunge Alcohol Charges? Have you recently been charged with an alcohol related misdemeanor such as public intoxication or urinating in public? Can you expunge alcohol charges? Even though these misdemeanor charges can most likely be dismissed with a probation period and community service, the dismissed charge is still easily found in the Virginia Courts Information System. Contact Joel today to schedule a free consultation to analyze your situation and see if an expungement of your charge is possible.

How Long Does It Take To Expunge A Charge?

It is important to remember the time frame that is required to complete the expungement process. From the filing of the petition for expungement to the conclusion of having your criminal charge expunged will normally require six months, however, in certain instances may take longer. If you are interested in pursuing an expungement of your criminal record, do not wait until you are applying for school or your next job. Waiting till the last moment could mean that your expungement would not be complete prior to having a school or potential employer review your criminal record. I

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