Traffic Lawyer In Hillsville Virginia

Thousands of people get speeding tickets and reckless driving charges every year near Hillsville, Virginia. It can be easy to lose track of your speed in Carroll County due to the rolling hills and mountains with dense fog near Fancy Gap and North Carolina state line. This area is generally heavily monitored by the Virginia State Police and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. As a Carroll County Va. Traffic Lawyer, our staff works with the local traffic courts to lessen the impact of our client’s traffic citations in the County of Carroll and throughout Southwest Virginia.

Before taking any action in regard to your charge, call The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson P.C. for a free consultation with an experienced Carroll County Va. Traffic Lawyer. 540-961-5297 (LAWS). Someone from our friendly staff will be glad to assist you!

Carroll County Traffic Court

Did You Receive A Traffic Ticket Near Hillsville, Virginia?

Reckless Driving Lawyer Carroll County, Va.

Aside from the obvious fines that can be up to $2,500.00, a reckless driving conviction is a criminal conviction. If you are convicted of a criminal charge, you may have to report it on employer A Reckless Driving conviction is a class 1 misdemeanor that carries with it 6 demerit points and the possibility of jail time, it can also result in a suspension of your privilege to operate a motor vehicle, and can stay on your DMV record for up to 11 years with a potentially significant impact on your car insurance rates. Whether you think you have been wrongfully accused or not, hiring an experienced traffic attorney can only help your case. call Joel Jackson for a free consultation now: 540-961-5297 (LAWS).

Licensed In North Carolina And Charged In Virginia With Going 15 MPH Over the Posted Speed Limit?

If you have a North Carolina license, you may want to think twice before pre-paying your traffic ticket. According to the DMV website, any ticket conviction at 15 miles an hour over the posted speed limit of 55 Mph will result in a suspension of your license for 30 days. Any moving violation conviction over 80 Mph will also result in the 30 day suspension. Call The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson now for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

CDL Traffic Violation

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), the impact of a moving violation against your license can affect your employment status. CDL holders are held to a higher standard in regard to highway safety. Call now to speak with CDL Traffic Attorney Joel S. Jackson P.C. to help reduce your CDL traffic violation. 540-961-5297 (LAWS) Experience Matters!

Traffic Accident

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, Even if you feel that you are at fault, you do not have to automatically accept the consequences or results of that accident. Whether at fault or not, Joel S. Jackson can represent you so that the ultimate settlement is the best possible outcome for you. Joel S. Jackson is familiar with all charges stemming from Reckless Driving, Right of Way Violations, Lane Changes, Driving too Fast for Conditions, or Following Too Closely. A consultation with an experienced attorney is the best way to proceed following an accident.

Driving On A Suspended Or Revoked License

Driving with a suspended or revoked license is considered a criminal charge in Virginia and could result in a conviction and jail time. Take action now. Rely on a skilled attorney to protect your rights and perform a full assessment of your case to help resolve your license issue and possibly save you a criminal conviction.

Hit And Run

If you are charged with leaving the scene of an accident, whether you were aware or not, you can face license suspension, huge fines, and potential jail time depending on the circumstances. By calling The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson, you take the first step in resolving those charges. We will work with you to get all the details of the event so that you have the very best representation. The phone number is 540-961-5297 (LAWS). Call now for a free consultation.

Can Your Attorney Appear For You In Your Absence In Court?

Depending on your rate of speed, if serious enough, it can mean that you will have to return to the New River Valley area for a court appearance. That appearance can cost you traveling expenses and lost time away from work in addition to any fines and fees imposed by the court. The Law Office of Joel S. Jackson P.C. can, in many cases, represent you before the court in your absence so that you do not have to appear. In addition, we will vigorously investigate every detail of the citation to provide you with an excellent defense against your charge. Our best work means you may have your charged reduced, save points, maintain low insurance rates, and save on fines. If you are from out of town, you can receive a free consultation over the phone. Call now at 540-961-5297 (LAWS).