Can A Criminal Charge On Your Record Be Expunged?  

Having a criminal record can have various adverse implications on employment opportunities, career advancements, and even personal relationships. In accordance with section 19.2-392.2 of the Virginia code, individuals have the option to pursue expungement of police and court records under specific circumstances. Such expungement can help mitigate the long-term effects associated with a criminal history.

  • When someone has been acquitted by a judge or jury; 
  • In a nolle prosequi situation when the government decides not to prosecute the charges; 
  • When a case is otherwise dismissed including situations where an “accord and satisfaction agreement is accepted by the court; 
  • In an identity theft situation where a person’s name has been appropriated by another charged with a crime;
  • When someone convicted of a crime receives an absolute pardon.

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