Customized Defense Strategy

My priority is to give each client the attention they deserve and create a personalized defense strategy. By carefully selecting cases, I can dedicate the necessary time to prepare for trials or pleas. For almost 20 years, I have been representing clients in criminal cases in Southwest Va. and an advocate in Student Conduct Hearing Matters for Radford University and Virginia Tech Students. My experience allows me to build a customized defense strategy in each case going to trial. My relationships with the courts, judges, prosecutors, officers along with Virginia Tech and Radford University officials can make a difference as well. THis allows me to develop a defense strategy for your specific case and situation. Throughout the entire process, you will have direct access to the full resources of my office and staff.

A Message To Parents and Students

A message to Virginia Tech and Radford University students and their parents. Each year I have guided between 30-60 Virginia Tech and Radford students both through the criminal process and student conduct hearings. In cases where the criminal charge process and the student conduct hearing intersect can create significant pitfalls. Having testimony or evidence from one trial introduced to the other is common and something one must be prepared for. If you find your son or daughter in a situation as described above, please fill out the form below to contact my office to schedule a consultation.

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