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Can A Speedometer Calibration Help Reduce A Reckless Driving Charge?

Have you have been charged with a speeding ticket or a reckless driving by speed? Joel may recommend getting a speedometer calibration. The calibration in some instances may need to be accompanied by a repair receipt showing the issue has been corrected. As a result, the speedometer calibration report may help get you a better outcome than a moving violation conviction. However, in some cases of Reckless Driving, The report can potentially save you jail time. Call 540-961-5297 for a free consultation in your traffic matter.

What Is A Speedometer Calibration Report?

A Speedometer Calibration Report is an document that can be provided to you from a repair shop that shows the accuracy of your speedometer. Do you have larger than stock tires or larger than stock custom rims on your vehicle? Chances are your speedometer is reading inaccurately, most likely displaying a slower speed than you are actually travelling. This report can save potential jail time at speeds over 90 MPH.

Where Can I Get A Speedometer Calibration?

If you are located in Virginia or North Carolina, Southwest Calibration in Pulaski, Virginia can provide this document for a reasonable fee. Stacy or someone from his team will be glad to assist. 276-620-8111

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Speedometer Calibration
Speedometer Calibration Report From Southwest Calibration In Pulaski, Virginia