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When you are charged with a criminal offense you should immediately seek legal advice. Criminal Defense Attorney Joel Jackson knows the local courts and his knowledge in Va. Code § 18.2-1 through  § 18.2-17 will give you the very best defense. Consult with an experienced local Criminal Defense Attorney Joel Jackson now for a free consultation to discuss your situation toll free at: 540-961-5297. Joel Jackson represents clients on the following charges included, but not limited to:

How Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Attorney Negotiate a Plea Deal?

In situations where your guilt is not in question, a criminal defense lawyer will seek to work with prosecutors and the court to explore alternatives to convictions or lengthy prison sentences. Depending on a client’s past criminal record or lack thereof, can impact the outcome of your current charges. Joel will motion the court to take charges under advisement to dismiss the criminal charge when possible. Some charges may even be eligible for an expungement when dismissed by the Court. A good criminal defense lawyer knows how to enter into account the client’s standing in the community, prior good history, or other mitigating facts that may persuade the prosecutor or judge toward leniency.

For first time, non-violent offenders, Joel Jackson can negotiate with the prosecutor or request a hearing with the judge where he will advocate that his client be considered for a “first-time offender program,” which would allow the client to avoid jail time and a conviction,


How Can A Lawyer Defend My DWI Charge In Court?

DWI charges van involve searches of cars and one’s personal effects. If police fail to execute a search warrant properly, or search your car without probable cause, you need a criminal defense lawyer. If law enforcement fails to read you of your rights properly before taking you into custody, the evidence they collect may be inadmissible in court. That is why you need an expert Criminal Defense Attorney like Joel S. Jackson to review the details of your case

As your Criminal Defense Lawyer, Joel Jackson inspects every detail of your DWI arrest and will vigorously defend your state and federal constitutional rights. Joel will promptly motion the court to dismiss any case where evidence is improperly collected or where you constitutional rights were violated.

The Attorney to Turn to When You Have A Drug Charge:

Responding to the increase of drugs in all levels of society, legislators and law enforcement have taken a “get tough” policy toward people who are charged with drug violations. Those charged with felony drug possession, trafficking, or narcotics possession and/or distribution now face lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines if they are convicted. Montgomery County, Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Joel S. Jackson has aggressively defended the rights of those accused in drug possession and other drug related legal infractions. Joel has negotiated hundreds of plea bargains that have kept his clients out of jail, and any many circumstances, has lead to dismissals. Joel Jackson will interview witnesses, review police procedures and challenge the prosecution’s case on the basis of facts and evidence to prepare for trial and/or a plea bargain.

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